Commercial Video Directors

Believe it or not, commercial directors photography is really a whole lot more complicated than pointing a camera, merely propping up an item against a sheet and pressing a button. The truth is, merchandise photography is a science and an art, scientific know how, requiring ingenuity and imagination and cutting edge technology.

Naturally, that is to not say that you just point a camera, stand it on your desk or can not only prop up a merchandise against a sheet and press the button. Clearly both strategies will lead to you having a picture of your merchandise. But do not mistake a picture of a product with product photography. They may seem the same, but they’ve about as much in common with the Mona Lisa and each other as your latest passport photograph. The difference between those two is not unlikely to be that the passport picture is a pretty precise, albeit unflattering picture of what you really look like, without any help. The Mona Lisa is an artistic presentation filled with originality, imagination and interest. Which will probably bring more focus when hung in a gallery? If both pictures were accessible as postcards, which would sell?
Then either you’re the reincarnation of Ms Lisa herself, if you are still believing your passport picture has quite a good chance, or your ego is so huge you can not see to the delusions! Undoubtedly you can begin to see the difference between simply shooting a pretty truthful but unflattering picture of an item, and using commercial directors photography specialists to create an image that is likely to get people’s attention, and motivate them to purchase the merchandise, or at least to learn more.
There are many techniques used by marketing photography studios, not to mention a great deal of state of the art gear also. It helps if you’ve use of an abundance of lights and light rigs, along with cutting edge digital cameras and powerful photo editing applications, infinity cove and an enormous studio. But this will not convert your merchandise picture into the Mona Lisa. All things considered, it is possible to sit with some of the world’s top racing car technology when you need it, in the Formula 1 racing car, but that will not always mean you will win, or even come close, or even end at all!


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