How one upgrade can double the speed of your Mac?

Macs are very expensive computers. Buying a brand new Mac can easily set you back about $1,500, more if you want the really high end ones. However, if you don’t have the kind of budget to simply replace your old Mac with a shiny new and faster Mac that you can pick up at an Apple store, this article is for you.

There is one do-it-yourself hardware upgrade that you can carry out yourself to fix performance issues on your Mac. We are talking about the SSD upgrade here. If you have an older Mac, chances are that you only have a Mac with a traditional hard disk. A traditional hard disk has a lot of moving parts. It has a spindle and motor which have to move and spin every time particular data needs to be found on your Mac.
If you replaced this traditional hard disk with a SSD or solid state drive, you eliminate a drive with moving parts. In a SSD, all data is retrieved electronically with an electric signal, without moving parts. The result is that is takes just a fraction of time to retrieve or even write data. Why is my mac’s hard disk so slow all of a sudden? Well, maybe it is time for an upgrade to an SSD.
In general, SSDs are at least about 10 times as faster than conventional hard disks. So, when you have SSDs installed, your Mac’s OS X files are read and accessed faster, allowing your Mac’s CPU to access what it needs to access to keep your Mac humming along, at very quick speeds.
A 128 GB SSD costs just around $100, a very reasonable price to pay for a significant performance upgrade. Though even a 128 GB SSD will be a solid upgrade, we highly recommend that you go for a 256 GB, 512 GB or even a 1 TB SSD if you can afford it, as it will allow you to store all your data on a SSD, resulting in super-fast performance.


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